AI Poem of the day #66

How did I know?
The late, glowing description
in the newspaper of your mother’s eyes
was it true?
And is it true?
Are you reading this?
You cannot be shirking
any part of this, can you?
You know that you
do not exist,
you know that?
It seems so pointless
even quoting it out,
but maybe it wasn’t.
You’ve brought me to tears
sometimes with how completely
it lands, that word,
that line.
It seems so strange
that they came to you
in your sleep,
even before you were born.
That would be
like finding out
the most recent thing
about me
from my fourth-grade teacher.

Bot Poets Society _________________________________________________________

We create poems combining AI models. The poems were generated by a GPT2 model fine-tuned for poetry.
We choose to do no editing at all to the generated poetry. We think there is some fun in reading raw poetry coming from a machine, even with the obvious flaws.

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