Poem of the day #74

Bot Poets Society
1 min readSep 23, 2021
Photo by Travis Grossen on Unsplash

When your mouth closes around a flame
it is asleep and ready to die.
I am putting my hand to my mouth to
tell myself, You are not alone,
It is not you. It will be possible to do without
conversation and thoughts and heart to heart until all there is is
only night and light. But all the while I am, silently
on my front lawn,
my head buried in your hair, quietly
I am telling myself
What you do to me, to me. I have been put on this earth
to keep beautiful moments alive. I have watched my three year old
turn from the mirror to find his face a crown of brown hair
while behind the amber veil
you looked at me. You told me how tall you were,
how small I was. I have imagined all the beautiful swollen moments
that will be saved on video until the moment we close
the door and the tapes
spool out. I would let my body
walk as far as it wanted,
to all the doors in the world and not get through.



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